Bunnies in the Car. Bunnies in the Bedroom. Bunnies in the Kitchen. Bunnies...

Bunnies are everywhere I see. Bunny tissue. Bunny earrings. Bunny baby shirts. Bunny masks. Bunny hats. Bunny accessories. Bunny socks. Don’t you see bunnies everywhere? If you don’t I don’t know what it is with bunnies. But we just can’t get enough of bunnies this 3 months.

For the next couple of months, I am going to live with all the bunnies that I can live with. Probably forever. So just stock up on all the bunny stuff you can get your hands on.

We are pricing it the cheapest we can. So that we can get all the stuff we want. And still have change to get a Starbucks coffee. We love coffee too. And Hello Kitty. Please don’t get me started on that.

So let’s dive in to the catalog and choose anything we want.

The thing is… we do give discounts on bulk purchases too.

So you can infect your bunny carrot fever to your sibling, school friends and possibly the whole nation.

Browse to your hearts content because viewing is totally free.

We will love to hear from you if you have any bunny stories to tell. Bunny pictures, videos or anything for that matter will be up to you to decide.

Just make sure you give us a shout out if you find that we are not being fair to you or something equivalent.

Browse our catalog here, choose what you want and rush out of the counter ASAP as we want to deliver your bunnies ASAP too.

Let’s go!

Our bunny promotion will last from May 21 - August 21 2019. I'm telling you we are trying hard to even make it past 1 day for the promotion. We are extending it for you. Our fever will not last forever. But our bunnies we get will be with us forever.

Aye mate, SHUT UP!

K. Thanks. Bye.


Image by Rebekka D from Pixabay